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World Introduction
« on: March 17, 2018, 04:24:08 pm »
Roughly four hundred and fifty years ago, the land of Eytas was scattered and divided. Feudal lords vied for power. In this unruly land, monsters and brigands thrived, so the common people were protected by clerics of Pelor, Kord, Ioun, and other gods of the old pantheon. These clergy members would lead adventuring groups to stay the wilds from running too rampant, and they were celebrated.

Then a powerful group arose, dedicated to bring order to the land. They began to unify lordships and peoples, creating a Commonwealth. Their lands grew and so did their ideals, rule based on virtue. They began to drive out the monsters, devils, and chaos. They forced chaos and evil further and further west. In the unified regions, the people began to forget of their protectors, the old pantheon, and began to celebrate these new leaders, dubbing them The Eight Saints. They began to ascend, and fought the Old Pantheon for their spot in the divine plane, from which they could defend their Commonwealth in ways greater than ever before. After the long War of Order, the Old Gods were forced to the world, Ordun. They and monsters alike were pushed west into the Vargenwode, an enchanted elven forest.

And so the commonwealth drew their borders and constructed barriers to keep out forces of chaos. The western border lies a week’s travel over rocky field from the Vargenwode. Not partaking in the capital punishment, serious crimes are punished with exile from the Commonwealth. This campaign takes place in a town called Albridge, long outside the border of the Commonwealth, near the edge of the Vargenwode proper. This town is one of the last areas of civilization in this ignored spec of land, surrounded by untamed wilderness and adventure.

Albridge sits with a population of roughly 50 permanent residents, some exiles, some who have left by choice, but there is life beyond the commonwealth. Dwarves in search of new mountains to call home, the elves that inhabit the Wode, and merchants trading with the outside world make up a few examples of the kinds of people you can find.

Albridge has long been home to adventurers coming and going. From Albridge you will set out with groups of adventurers to explore the Vargenwode and other surrounding areas in search of adventure, gold, glory, or any other motivation you may have.
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