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How the game works
« on: March 17, 2018, 04:48:00 pm »
Welcome to the town of Albridge! A West Marches style campaign.

This is not going to be a traditional game of Dungeons and Dragons. This post will explain how a West Marches game is different, and what you can expect as a player.

A west marches style of game is a completely player driven experience. Your group of players exists in this town, and this town is surrounded by wilderness. This wilderness is populated with a variety of dungeons, villains, storylines, and treasure, but it will not be just placed in front of you. You as a player will take the initiative in any adventures YOU want to go on.

Think of your character's motivations, perhaps to look for a lost sibling, or stop some rampaging goblins, or a sibling kidnapped by goblins. On your last adventure you went on to support a friend's endeavor, you got a clue that there were goblins making camp at an old ruin, and loose directions to said ruin. You would then make a POST in the TAVERN forum where you will call the other adventurer's in town to join you to raid this goblin camp. Some may join you for their own motivations, some maybe just for the experience, loot, and gold. Either way, you will have formed a party of adventurers.

Once you have a party, you will make a post on the '[OOC] Adventure Logistics' board where you will schedule a time to run your session with a DM. Then, when the time comes, you and your party will set out on your adventure. Once complete, you will return to town, and, if you choose, make a post in the tavern page describing what happened on your adventure, and sharing any important details. Also maybe updating your collective map (which I recommend you have) with any landmarks or locations you found.

While in town you can post in 'The Town' to have conversations/interactions with any NPCs to discuss anything that happened on your adventure, or to sell goods.

The game will be played in Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons, and sessions will take place on the website If you've never played Fourth Edition before, don't worry! It's a fairly simple edition once you understand how to look at it, and much of the rules will be explained during character creation.
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